1st Review committee

Review civil affairs, land administration, comprehensive development, indigenous administration, and cases that are not suitable for review by other committees.

2nd Review committee

Review finance, auditing, taxation and other related cases.

3rd Review committee

Review public works, industrial development, transportation and tourism, agriculture, public utilities, and other related cases.

4th Review committee

Review education, culture, labor, society and other related cases.

5th Review committee

Review police, fire-fighting, environmental protection, public health, and other related cases.

Procedure Committee

Examining and approving the matters related to the assembly procedure, such as merge, sorting and sequence changes of assembly agendas and bills.

Discipline Committee

Deliberating serious discipline cases such as serious violation of meeting rules, and spoiling, disturbing and interfering of meeting site or order by attendee(s).

Petition Case Handle committee

Review and handle citizen’s petition cases.